01 octubre 2008

0623 Bruselas - Belgica - Nuevas Directivas de UE en Mediación

New EU directive on Mediation Conference 2008 Organized by the Association for International arbitration October 17th 2008 Big Aula of the KUB (Katholieke Universiteit Brussel). Vrijheidslaan 17 1081 Brussels..

The Association for international arbitration is looking forward to creating a
pool for discussion and encouragement of training of mediators and the
development and adherence to voluntary codes of conduct, as provided in
the direction itself.
This conference is intended to discuss the key provisions of the directive
and contribute with greater information about this new directive. “ The five
key provisions in the directive include; (1) an obligation for Member States
to encourage the training of mediators and the development and
adherence to voluntary codes of conduct; (2) gives every judge in the
Community discretion to invite the parties’ - at any stage of the proceeding
- to participate in mediation; (3) obligates Member States to provide a
mechanism to enforce written agreements resulting from mediation; (4)
provides that information given or submissions made by a party during
mediation are confidential and cannot be used against that party in
subsequent judicial proceedings; and (5) contains a limitation and
prescription periods provision, which ensures that a party will not be
prevented from access to court as a result of the time spent in mediation.”
The Conference discussion will be summarized on a book published by
AIA with the collected material presented by the speakers.

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